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From: Mia Skipwith
Subject: Beautiful Flags
To: ""
Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 3:53 AM

Hello Gail,

I wanted to send this email to say thank you for the integrity and professionalism that your company walks in, when it comes to placing orders, shipping orders, and the quality of the products received.  I ordered a large flag and streamers for my daughter about a year ago, and the flag was absolutely beautiful.  I recently ordered (2 weeks ago maybe) two medium wing half circle flags, one red silky habutai, and the other tissue lame' silver, along with a red streamer.  The flags were absolutely gorgeous!!! I included a link of the video that I posted on YouTube with her using the flags.  You may click the link below:
From: Angela munson
Subject: thanks!
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 9:36 AM
Good Morning,

I want to share a manifestation of the Holy Spirit when I used the praise flags at church. The Lord has put in my spirit for a long time to get some praise flags but I was scared because no one in church used it and I didn't know who it would be received.  I believe in doing everything decently and in order and nothing to bring notice to me or distract anyone from praise God.

Anyway the first day I brought your flags to church and raised the banner to Jehovah Nissi, I felt a supernatural manifestation of his power unlike anything I have experienced.  I felt a fiery hot electricity from my right leg through my body and back and forth.  It was so strong that I had to sit down in the pews during worship; or rather the spirit of God was so heavy I couldn't stand in his presence.  Then a fiery presence was in my arms and finally settled on my hands. For 15 minutes my hands were on fire and shaking and I stared at them in the pew thinking what is this?

Then last night at Wed night service was incredibly and somewhat frightening.  I was holding up your flame of fire flag waving it and I felt a hot stirring in my stomach, smelled a tangible anointing oil smell and then a huge LOUD explosion to my left side. It was so loud that it startled me and I thought it was one of the huge lights in the sanctuary had blown.  I looked around an apparently no one else heard it.  I was shocked at the incredible loudness, sounded like a huge firecracker or some sounds rock concerts have when they set off pyrotechnics.  The presence of God was so powerful and incredible that I was scared for a minute.  I continued to praise the lord as the final songs finished.  Then the lord gave me another blast, as I was sitting my seat.  That pyrotechnic blast raised me out of the pew because it was closer to my ear.  My hands were on fire again, numb and shaking.  I have always praised the lord freely and joyfully, but something about your flags caused my praise to hit the heavens and for God to send down a personal touch....thank you thank you thank you.

I have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit for almost 20 years but I have never experienced anything like this.  This has to be a direct result of the garments of praise you sent out.

I speak a supernatural business blessing of your business that God will give you big contracts, favor with men, maybe secular news reports and stories which are broadcast on the news.  That God will increase your business more and more and propel you forward 10 years of success in a month...that you have to bypass the limits of time it takes to grow a business.

I will share your products with others and direct them to your website to purchase items.

Thank you, I know you probably prayed over the flags before you sent them out :-)

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a great future   Jeremiah 29:11



You’re flags are wonderful!  We love them so much!  They are perfect for what we wanted, and they came on Sat.  WE ARE SO PLEASED WITH YOUR SERVICE.  Thank you so very very much.  You have been a wonderful blessing to our church, and the wings will make just the right touch for our wonderful resurrection celebration!  God bless you for your hard work and promptness to our needs.  You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Again, thank you very much.  We will definitely remember you for our future needs!

God Bless,

Gina Scott

Whitnel Pentecostal Holiness Church





I praise God for you! and your business!  I just received the silky habutai flags i ordered for our dance team and I LOVE THEM.  

They are PERFECT!!! AND the pricing on your website is SO affordable!!!


Praise God for you all and I pray that the blessings of God will overtake you and your business!


Lisa Merritt





I have ordered five of the large quarter circle flags on 36" dowels, four silk essence and one three-color lame.  These are the perfect size for me, whether worshiping at home or at church.  The quarter circle shape creates a special flowing movement that I especially enjoy.  Also, the size is just perfect for worship with a flag in each hand.  Just today I ordered another five of these flags, four silk essence plus another three-color lame. Recently I ordered the dance garment overlay in turquoise and I like it so much, I have ordered another one in fuchsia silky habutai!  Thank you Gail for always sending my orders promptly and may the Lord bless your ministry! 


Cheryl Dyck

Pembroke Pines, FL



Greetings Gail,
Just wanted to share that the flags you have made for me are awesome!  My Pastor loved them and the congregation was increased in their praise & worship of Jehovah-Nissi.  Thanks so much.  Your flags, along with others have begun a new trend in our house of worship.  The Lord is being glorified!
Be Blessed!



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